Booking Software for Education

Focus on providing a purposeful learning experience while Schedly takes care of booking each class and session .

Education schedling software that helps you do better at every stage of your student's journey

All-in-one teacher and student scheduling software for focused learning

Increase Attendance

Automate email and text reminders for every booking. Ensure nobody misses their session and save time on manual follow-ups.

Offer Practical Video Classes

Use Zoom to meet with students online, deliver course content, and share presentations. Chat in your browser in one click!

Simple 24/7 Self-Booking

Display your available time slots on your Booking Page. Parents and students can schedule classes or meetings when it’s convenient.

Personalize your Booking Page

Add your services, logo, brand colors, and customer reviews to your Booking Page. This helps showcase the quality of your services and gives online visitors a clear picture of what to expect.

Share your Booking Page and connect it to your website and social media to take appointments around-the-clock.

Let your app do the homework

Teaching and learning are opposite sides of the same coin. Both require undivided attention whether you’re imparting or absorbing knowledge.

Utilize your education scheduling software to automate booking confirmations and reminders. Ensure you have more time in-session and fewer administrative tasks.

Smile! You're on video

Offer virtual teaching appointments over Zoom. Your learners will receive an automated video meeting link in their booking confirmation.

When a session is due to start, both of you click the link to join. Connect face-to-face with learners around the world, share your screen to illustrate concepts, and record sessions to enhance student notes.

Get Started, It's Free - FOREVER

Get started today and give your customers the flexibility to book online 24x7 with our free appointment scheduling software. No credit card required.