Team Management

Enabling multiple teams and team members will allow your employees or co-workers to efficiently collaborate on documents, keep track of client-facing and internal business activity, and get more documents signed!

Use InSign to Increase Team Productivity

Good team collaboration within InSign’s eSignature platform helps eliminate communication and information mismanagement by organizing your projects and documents in one place. Everyone knows who’s doing what. Teammates can easily collaborate on documents and share ideas. By working within InSign, teams get sh*t done, on time!


Edit Permissions

With team member permissions, you can set custom access and control what actions can be performed.


Manage Access

Manage your team members access to certain modules and restrict access to templates and documents.


Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate with your team directly within the document using InSign's internal comment feature.

Harness the Power of Team Collaboration

InSign teams allow you to sign, send, and manage documents across an entire group of people, or organization. The team admin can manage and create templates for other team members and monitor the status of documents that have been sent out for signing. The team admin can also add and remove people from their team in the admin console.

With InSign’s document comment feature, senders can communicate within, and about, any InSign transaction. Ask questions, get answers, make that last change needed before sending out a signature request and get tasks done on schedule.

InSign Increases Productivity for the World's MOST Innovative Companies!

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