Do More with Less and Deliver Better Customer Experiences Using Automation

Bring your ideal customer journey to life with a visual marketing automation builder that grows with your needs. It’s like getting an extra employee without needing an extra desk!

Automate your marketing in a few simple clicks. Easy setup - lasting results

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use a marketing automation platform. A drag-and-drop automation builder lets you set up automated workflows in minutes.

Capture and Convert New Leads

Send automated emails to all new subscribers and nurture them with relevant offers.

Sell More with Less Effort

Automatically reach cart abandoners or recommend products your customers love.

Build Connections with your Audience

Add a personal touch to every message and campaign using robust customer data.

Set the rules that automate your marketing

Communicate with your audience with even greater precision using data stored in your account.

Create automation events based on users' behavior

Take action based on selected conditions

Use filters for even more precise targeting

Build individual contact profiles

Track and rate customers actions to create custom segments based on specific data and criteria.

Use an unlimited number of tags for better profiling

Monitor engagement scores to evaluate contacts

Add points to each action your contacts take on your emails

Turn your website traffic into sales opportunities

Monitor and analyze events on your pages to share custom offers when it matters most.

Learn your audience's habits and preferences

Prepare tailored emails based on page visits

Trigger personalized journeys based on the data

Turn your emails into money making opportunities

Trigger automated email campaigns to your website visitors who left without converting.

Send abandoned cart emails to encourage visitors to finish their purchases

Automatically recommend products based on customer's purchase history

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