Online Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Empower your patients to book appointments online 24/7 while ensuring your practice remains HIPAA-compliant.

Medical booking software that helps you do better at every stage of your customer's journey

With HIPAA compliant systems in place to protect clients' confidentiality and industry-standard encryption, you can safely use our booking and scheduling system to let patients book their appointments online.

Offer Contactless Payment Options

Allow patients to pay online for select services. Take card payments via Square, PayPal or Stripe, directly from your practice’s Booking Page.

Schedule Follow-Ups Easily

Establish a full treatment plan for your patients. Book recurring appointments in advance to monitor progress as often as required.

Offer Telemedicine Appointments

Maintain client relationships from anywhere with Zoom teleconferencing. Offer online medical advice in seconds with top video conferencing integrations.

Automate admin tasks to free your reception team

On average, it takes over 8 minutes to book an appointment by telephone. Choose an online patient scheduling system that reduces manual processes and offers 24/7 self-booking. Confirm appointments around-the-clock and receive new booking notifications in real-time.

Set up custom patient reminders

Missed appointments cost the healthcare industry $150bn per year. Minimize patient no-shows and maximize revenue with automatic medical appointment reminders. Let your healthcare appointment scheduling software send text and email alerts on your behalf. Save time on admin and stay productive.

Get quick access to patient data

Online medical scheduling software enables specialists to attach notes to a patient’s profile. Store a digital back-up of health records and grant varied access levels to different team members. Centralize contact details and treatment plans to streamline prep for upcoming appointments.

Get Started, It's Free - FOREVER

Get started today and give your customers the flexibility to book online 24x7 with our free appointment scheduling software. No credit card required.