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Spend more time providing memorable customer experiences. Your free online booking system handles the legwork so you don’t have to.

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Time to get seen online and drive more appointments

Our appointment scheduling software has everything you need to grow and manage your business in one easy-to-use and powerful user dashboard.


Schedule Online

Eliminate the need for emails and calls back-and-forth with dedicated web-based scheduling.


Boost Productivity

Automate daily tasks to improve staff productivity and manage your entire schedule in one place.


Retain Customers

Understand your customers better and deliver personalized experiences to keep them coming back.

Online bookings made easy

Encourage early bookings with the personalized booking environment created by Schedly. Our appointment booking software easily integrates with your website, making it a stress-free online booking experience for your client.

Accept Online Bookings 24/7

Keep your booking channels open 24/7 and let your clients book their appointments via multiple channels like your booking website, business website, Facebook, Instagram or Google Business Profile.

Multiple Locations and Video Meetings

Efficiently schedule your employees, services, and opening times across multiple locations or offer video meetings via Zoom.

Membership, Classes, Events, Tickets & Waiting lists

If you sell membership subscriptions to your clients, offer classes and events or want to issue tickets, we have got you covered. Are you fully booked? Let your clients sign up for your waiting list!

Intuitive appointment reminders for all participants

Reduce No Shows & Double Bookings

Send tailored reminders before scheduled appointments. Eliminate last-minute cancellations by charging a deposit upfront. Avoid double booking your time by synchronising your personal calendar with your online booking schedule.

Email, Text and WhatsApp Notifications

No more forgotten appointments. Our scheduling software will automatically send email, SMS and WhatsApp notifications so that both the staff and the customers receive appointment reminders and updates.

Custom Workflows and Follow Ups

Automate reminders a specified number of days or weeks after an appointment and remind them to book with you again with a customized message.

Robust Business & Client Management

Give your customers your undivided attention and see their satisfaction soar. Focus on the experience while Schedly handles the where-and-when.

Stay on Top of Your Business

Monitor the number of site visits and compare it with the number of bookings you receive. Keep abreast of your most popular services and your busiest providers. For the tech-savvy, you can connect with Google Tag Manager.

Manage Your Day-to-Day Business Operations

In the admin dashboard, you can see your booking calendar, upcoming bookings, recently scheduled appointments, and client list. Also, you can create, edit, and cancel bookings and clients. Moreover, you can do it all quickly and easily while on the move.

Manage Your Employees and Related Resources

Manage your employee schedules, break times, vacation times, and allocate services they can provide. Send your employees reminders and notifications when appointments are booked, rescheduled and cancelled. You can assign different levels of admin access, depending on the changes you want to allow them to make to the system.

Build, Grow, and Succeed with Schedly.

Stay in the loop with your whole team’s calendars. A free appointment scheduling app gives your business the freedom to grow.

Get Paid in Advance

Forget about chasing invoices. Accept payments easily and securely online.

Reach Global Customers

Add 1-click Zoom video meeting links to your appointments.

Put Your Brand to Work

Customize your Booking Page's URL and showcase your top reviews front-and-center.

No More No-Shows

Let Schedly fire out personalized email or text reminders to every customer.

Get Started, It's Free - FOREVER

Get started today and give your customers the flexibility to book online 24x7 with our free appointment scheduling software. No credit card required.